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Why Choose On Your Toes Dance Academy in Tamarac?

On Your Toes Dance Academy stands out as the premier choice for kids starting as early as 3 years old, offering a unique blend of expertise, passion, and legacy.

For over 29 years, On Your Toes Dance Academy has been a beacon of excellence in dance education. Beyond teaching ballet and other dance forms, we are committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals. Alina Guerrero-Pena, our founder, has not only produced full-length ballet stories but has also instilled a love for dance in generations of students.

  • Established in 1995:  On Your Toes Dance Academy was formed to provide children with the most important fundamentals of dance education. Although we want our students to enjoy their classes, we are more about learning life long skills such as self-respect, discipline, confidence and hard work. Our students are properly trained and wear proper dance attire.
  • Competition Tested:  On Your Toes has won numerous dance accolades at regional dance competitions; most notably Special Judges Awards for technique, elegance and choreography. The Apogee Award (the highest honor a dance school can receive) was awarded to "Canon in D" for technical excellence and artistry, which are the cornerstones of the school.
  • Certified & Accomplished Teachers: Alina Guerrero-Pena believes in highly trained and qualified teachers to be a part of the school. And having new talent is essential for growth. New teachers bring in new material and curriculum so that students do not have the same teachers for years. It's important to learn from as many educators as possible.  

Dance Classes That The  Tamarac Community Loves

We also offer musical theatre, lyrical, contemporary, conditioning, and technique classes! For more details, use the buttons below for your location.

Teeny Toes

Specifically designed for 3 to 4-year-olds and covers the fundamentals of jazz and ballet through fun and creative movement.


Improve strength, poise, balance, and control. Students considering competing in dance in the future should enroll in a ballet class.


Is a classical dance form where dancers wear special shoes with a rigid toe box, enabling them to dance on the tip of their toes.


Experience expressive movement and improvisation in our contemporary class, fostering a deep connection to dance in creative and artistic form and style.


Experience the vibrant energy and rhythmic flair of jazz dance, combining tradition with contemporary style.


tap dance involves creating rhythmic patterns through intricate footwork, typically accompanied by music.


Hip Hop is now as popular as ever!. Dance to your favourite hip hop and pop music.hat is fun for dancers of all ages!.

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Alina Guerrero-Peña

Artistic Director - 30+ Years Teaching Experience

Ms. Alina is originally from Queens, NY. She studied under Ballet masters such as Vivian Tobio, Edmundo Ronquillo, Maria Eugenia Lorenzo, Jane Carrington, Lee Brooke, Susan Steele and Leslie Neal. She performed briefly with the Florida Internaitonal Ballet, under the directions of Vivian Tobio and Liana Navarro. She received her B.A. in Dance from FIU and is also certified in Health and Elementary Education. Her passion is teaching and producing full-length Ballet stories. The school has won numerous awards and accolades and focuses on training and advancement. Ms. Peña is the current Director of Dance at Dillard 6-12 and Center for the Arts.

Meet the Instructor Behind On Your Toes Dance Academy

With over 30 years of teaching experience and recognition as Broward Cultural Affairs' 2018 Dance Teacher of the Year. Our curriculum integrates dance with music, fostering cognitive skills and invaluable life lessons for over 29 years. Join us for a transformative dance journey.

At On Your Toes Dance Academy, we pride ourselves on the quality of our dancers. You can expect the following from our instructors:

  • A minimum of 3 years of experience.
  • An advanced degree.
  • Amazing recommendations and positive reviews.
  • A love and passion for teaching and helping children succeed.
  • A commitment to creating a positive classroom experience for all students, no matter their learning needs.

Melissa James Bonta

Melissa, a dedicated dancer since age 11, honed her skills at The Dancexchange under esteemed instructors like Linda Rogers Albritton and Zedric Bembry. As a Senior Performing Group member, she excelled in local competitions, earning accolades and performing at prestigious venues like Disney and Universal Studios. With a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications, Melissa now imparts her passion for dance, emphasizing discipline and character development in her teaching.

Cynthia "Ms. G" Garguilo

Ms. G opened her dance school in Dublin, GA in 1983. She also founded the Dance Explosion Dance Team & Dublin Performing Arts Gymnastics. Later she was the Director of Dance at Pinecrest Preparatory School in Boca Raton and later North Broward Preparatory School in Coconut Creek, FL. Her Teacher Training Program is sought after all over the U.S. She has provided teachers with the necessary skills to teach Acro/Gymnastics and safely and productively. She is highly versed in Jazz, Tap and Ballet. She has choreographed award winning productions all over the Southeast U.S. and continues to inspire students from all backgrounds.

Gabriella Sanchez

Miss Sanchez recently earned her BFA in Dance at New World School of the Arts. Prior to attending New World, she performed and showcased work at Broward College under the direction of Danielle Wancier. Miss Sanchez has developed a love for teaching and choreographing and is currently teaching Jazz & Contemporary at On Your Toes Dance Academy. Her pieces were very well received at the year-end performance 2022.

What The Tamarac Community Is Saying About On Your Toes Dance Academy

Tamara Thompson recommends On Your Toes Dance Academy

via Google

My older daughter has been going to On Your Toes dance studio for the last 4 plus years and she absolutely loves it. She has grown tremendously in her dance techniques as well as her self confidence that comes with being a dancer. The owner is professional, strict, but you can tell she loves what she do. I enjoy the end of year recitals, the shows are well put together. My second daughter now dances at OYT and she looks forward to dance class. I would highly recommend this dance studio.

Update 1/8/2023. Still the best dance studio in town. My girls continue to grow in their skills and confidence.

JoAnn Ruiz recommends On Your Toes Dance Academy

via Google

This is my daughter's third year of dance with On Your Toes and she loves her fellow dancers as much as the instructors. Studio is well organized and structured, very attentive, caring and nurturing.

Adriana Vargas recommends On Your Toes Dance Academy

via Google

An amazing dance school with exceptional instruction!

My daughter started dancing at this studio when she was merely 3 years old and it has become our permanent dance home for the past six years. In these 6 years, she has gone from prancing around in a tutu as a toddler to taking every dance subject currently available at the studio and being part of the school's dance company. She has had the privilege to learn from amazing dance instructors with vast experience in the Performing Arts who have molded her into a beautiful, strong and graceful dancer . In addition to dance, she has also received vocal instruction and theater classes for two years. At this school, the goal is to teach students in all aspects of the performing arts and the teachers truly teach them proper technique. Additionally, the pricing is unbeatable. Prices are well below the average rate at other studios.

This more than just your typical dance school., it is a second home and a close-knit family!

Julie Michele recommends On Your Toes Dance Academy

via Google

I was so happy to find this dance studio tucked away by the Tamarac library. My daughter loves it. She has made so many friends her. The instructors are professional but also so sweet with the little dancers. I feel that for the price it is an amazing value.

Cynthia Ulerio recommends On Your Toes Dance Academy

via Google

My daughter Nashla started dancing at this studio when she was 2 years old and it has become permanent dance for the last two years. She has had the privilege to learn from amazing dancers and instructor mrs. Alina Peña.
I use this class a physical therapy for her because she was a preemie baby and had a lot to catch up for kids at her age. After this two years, I'm so proud of her learning at the dance school as well as her physical movements improvement. Mrs. Alina is a unbelievable teacher and passionate on what she does to the point that my daugther can't wait to saturdays morning to go to her class. The most memorable moment for me was her first recital, we're I saw her performing beautifuly. Additionally, the pricing is unbeatable. Prices are well below the average rate at other studios and the best part is they treat the kids as family...

Thanks you Mrs. Alina Peña and all your staff for such wonderful academy and for being so passionate on what you do.

Eileen Turay recommends On Your Toes Dance Academy

via Google

My daughter has been dancing here for over 4 years and loves it. We love the classic ballet instruction and the structure. Many dance places have much too “mature” choreography for little ones and require heavy makeup/false lashes at too early of an age. I appreciate the tasteful styles provided here and I LOVE seeing the growth my daughter has shown.

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