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Designed for all ages and skill levels, our hip-hop studio pulses with the contagious enthusiasm of dancers exploring the diverse styles encompassed by this dynamic genre. From foundational moves like breaking and locking to the latest freestyle innovations, our experienced instructors guide participants through a journey of creativity and confidence, fostering a community where individuality is celebrated, and every step tells a unique story.

In our hip-hop program, participants not only learn the latest dance trends but also delve into the cultural roots and history of hip-hop, gaining a deeper appreciation for the art form. The studio becomes a space where self-expression is encouraged, and dancers are empowered to infuse their own personality into the choreography. Whether you're a novice looking to explore the world of hip-hop or an experienced dancer honing your skills, our program is a lively and inclusive environment where the joy of movement meets the rich tapestry of hip-hop culture.

Our Core Foundation and Focus of This Program

Technical Mastery

with a focus on mastering fundamental positions, steps, and sequences. Dancers train rigorously to achieve precision in movements such as pliés, tendus, and développés.

Enhanced Flexibility and Range of Motion

Increased Self-Confidence

Posture and Alignment

Emphasis is placed on maintaining proper posture and body alignment. Precise positioning of the head and arms to achieve the characteristic grace and elegance of the art form.

Balance and Coordination

Creative Expression

Costuming and Stage Presence

The visual aesthetic of ballet is heightened by elaborate costumes and attention to stage presence.learn how to carry themselves with confidence and poise for impact of their performances.

Posture and Alignment

Artistic Expression

What The Tamarac Community Is Saying About On Your Toes Dance Academy

Tamara Thompson recommends On Your Toes Dance Academy

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My older daughter has been going to On Your Toes dance studio for the last 4 plus years and she absolutely loves it. She has grown tremendously in her dance techniques as well as her self confidence that comes with being a dancer. The owner is professional, strict, but you can tell she loves what she do. I enjoy the end of year recitals, the shows are well put together. My second daughter now dances at OYT and she looks forward to dance class. I would highly recommend this dance studio.

Update 1/8/2023. Still the best dance studio in town. My girls continue to grow in their skills and confidence.

JoAnn Ruiz recommends On Your Toes Dance Academy

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This is my daughter's third year of dance with On Your Toes and she loves her fellow dancers as much as the instructors. Studio is well organized and structured, very attentive, caring and nurturing.

Adriana Vargas recommends On Your Toes Dance Academy

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An amazing dance school with exceptional instruction!

My daughter started dancing at this studio when she was merely 3 years old and it has become our permanent dance home for the past six years. In these 6 years, she has gone from prancing around in a tutu as a toddler to taking every dance subject currently available at the studio and being part of the school's dance company. She has had the privilege to learn from amazing dance instructors with vast experience in the Performing Arts who have molded her into a beautiful, strong and graceful dancer . In addition to dance, she has also received vocal instruction and theater classes for two years. At this school, the goal is to teach students in all aspects of the performing arts and the teachers truly teach them proper technique. Additionally, the pricing is unbeatable. Prices are well below the average rate at other studios.

This more than just your typical dance school., it is a second home and a close-knit family!

Julie Michele recommends On Your Toes Dance Academy

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I was so happy to find this dance studio tucked away by the Tamarac library. My daughter loves it. She has made so many friends her. The instructors are professional but also so sweet with the little dancers. I feel that for the price it is an amazing value.

Cynthia Ulerio recommends On Your Toes Dance Academy

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My daughter Nashla started dancing at this studio when she was 2 years old and it has become permanent dance for the last two years. She has had the privilege to learn from amazing dancers and instructor mrs. Alina Peña.
I use this class a physical therapy for her because she was a preemie baby and had a lot to catch up for kids at her age. After this two years, I'm so proud of her learning at the dance school as well as her physical movements improvement. Mrs. Alina is a unbelievable teacher and passionate on what she does to the point that my daugther can't wait to saturdays morning to go to her class. The most memorable moment for me was her first recital, we're I saw her performing beautifuly. Additionally, the pricing is unbeatable. Prices are well below the average rate at other studios and the best part is they treat the kids as family...

Thanks you Mrs. Alina Peña and all your staff for such wonderful academy and for being so passionate on what you do.

Eileen Turay recommends On Your Toes Dance Academy

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My daughter has been dancing here for over 4 years and loves it. We love the classic ballet instruction and the structure. Many dance places have much too “mature” choreography for little ones and require heavy makeup/false lashes at too early of an age. I appreciate the tasteful styles provided here and I LOVE seeing the growth my daughter has shown.

Program & Pricing FAQs

What should my child wear to dance class?

Comfortable dancewear is recommended, along with appropriate shoes for the chosen dance style. Specific dress codes may vary by class, so we provide guidelines upon enrollment. Proper attire helps ensure a safe and effective dance experience.

Are there any performance opportunities for students?

Yes! On Your Toes Dance Academy believes in providing performance opportunities for students to showcase their talents. We organize recitals, showcases, and may participate in local events or competitions, offering a chance for students to shine on stage.

Are there opportunities for advanced students or those interested in competitive dance?

Absolutely. We offer advanced classes for students looking to refine their skills, and we have competitive dance programs for those interested in a more intensive and performance-focused experience. Speak to our instructors to explore these options.

What safety measures are in place, especially considering current circumstances?

The safety of our students is our top priority. We have implemented rigorous cleaning protocols, limited class sizes to allow for social distancing, and follow all recommended health guidelines. Additionally, we may offer virtual or hybrid classes for those who prefer to dance from home.

How can I get involved as a parent or guardian?

Parents and guardians are encouraged to be involved by attending performances, supporting fundraisers, and participating in parent meetings. We value the partnership between parents and our dance school community.

What other options than ‘studio’ training are there?

While ‘at home’ training is a premium service, it can be the most pragmatic and beneficial environment in which to develop depending on your situation. The savings on time from driving can be a benefit that offsets the cost of the service. So, yes, it is available.

Online/digital/remote training is becoming a large of our business due to the high time and stress demand of CA traffic as well as promoting a more independent application of our coaching. As well, this is how we work with the rest of you folks who live outside of the Orange County area. Check out the digital training page under the ‘services’ tab!

Really the most effective approach is to mix these (hybrid approach). There are certain elements that are better done in the studio and remote training makes you independent and keeps you accountable. For some, home sessions can help with knowing how to train in your own environment with your own resources….as well as staying out of traffic!

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